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Texas Homeowner Assistance

Behind on home loan payments or related expenses?

Texas Homeowner Assistance is here to help.

The Texas Homeowner Assistance provides financial assistance to qualified Texas homeowners who have fallen behind on their mortgage and related expenses due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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About Texas Homeowner Assistance

About Texas Homeowner Assistance

Homeowners are able to use this website to create an account and submit their application.

This program gives eligible homeowners grants to cover past due mortgage payments and property taxes, insurance, and homeowner/condo association fees. The program is administered by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) with funding provided by the Homeowner Assistance Fund under the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.

Texas homeowners may be eligible for assistance if they meet the following criteria:

Additional program requirements will apply.

Are behind on one or more of the following payments: mortgage loans, property taxes, property insurance, or homeowner/condo association fees
Have a household income at or below 100% Area Median Income (AMI) or 100% of the median income for the United States, whichever is greater
Own and occupy a home in Texas as a primary residence
Experienced a qualified financial hardship after January 21, 2020, such as lost income or increased expenses due to the pandemic

Mortgage Program

  • Provides assistance to eligible Texas homeowners with qualified hardships to pay past due mortgage payments, including eligible amounts advanced by a mortgage servicer.
  • Maximum assistance of $65,000 per household.

Property Charge Default Program

  • Provides assistance to eligible Texas homeowners with qualified hardships to pay past due property taxes, property insurance and past due mortgage statement, property tax statement, insurance statement, and/or homeowner/condo association fees.
  • Of the maximum $65,000 available per household, up to $25,000 can be used for property charge defaults.

Do I Qualify?

Answer a few quick questions to see if your household qualifies.

Application Process – What to Expect

  • Homeowners must submit an application through the online portal.
  • Resources will be available to assist homeowners with completing applications. See comprehensive help documents within the application system. For additional assistance, contact our Call Center at 1-833-651-3874.
  • Applications are reviewed to determine whether the homeowner qualifies for program assistance. Check the status of your application here.
  • Payments are sent directly to the mortgage servicer or property charge payee (tax authority, insurance company, or homeowner/condo association) once the homeowner’s application is approved.

Examples of Required Documents

  • Identification card, like a driver’s license
  • Past due mortgage statement, property tax statement, insurance statement, and/or homeowner/condo association statement
  • Proof of occupancy, like a utility bill
  • Income documentation, like paystubs

To Report Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

All TDHCA employees and contractor employees have a responsibility to report waste, fraud and abuse within the agency. The public is also invited to share such concerns.

If you suspect fraud, waste or abuse please follow TDHCA’s guidelines for reporting.